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Staff Reservoir Engineer - Denver - Job Description 


Raisa Energy, LLC has one (1) full-time position in the Denver, Colorado area.

Job Duties:

  • Assist in the identification of acquisition opportunities.
  • Be responsible for day-to-day engineering tasks including reservoir engineering, economics, reserves, property evaluations, project development and field operations (as needed).
  • In conjunction with senior management, review and evaluate prospects and asset acquisitions incorporating economic and uncertainty-strategic risk analysis/reward decision making for conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • Develop and support analysis and high-grading of Raisa’s Oil & Gas assets portfolio. 
  • Integrate with data analytics team through design, documentation and implementation of reservoir, production, and economics project work. Provide feedback and quality control.
  • Interpret and report oil & gas industry trends in technology and its associated economic impact.
  • Build production profiles for economic modeling based on EUR distributions.
  • Analyze the asset with a holistic tool kit including rate or pressure transient analysis, volumetrics, analytical or numerical modeling, and decline curve analysis.
  • Develop correlations between geologic and completion variables and well performance.
  • Perform multivariant analysis to incorporate the impact of well spacing and completion variables into forecast assumptions.
  • Integrate physics based reservoir/productions and data science techniques accurately to improve predictions and data quality.
  • Create and utilize technical workflows in Spotfire.
  • Create and edit R coding on integrated reservoir projects both independently and in conjunction with Data Analytics team.
  • Construct type-curve assumptions for individual reservoirs based on regional focus area, determined by geological parameters.
  • Seek to improve and increase efficiency of routine multidisciplinary analysis through lean process optimization.
  • Be involved in oil & gas data room evaluations and data room preparations.
  • Network with industry professionals.



Education: Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering

Work Experience: Two (2) years of work experience as Reservoir Engineer involved with  uncertainty and strategic risk analysis for conventional and unconventional reservoirs; reservoir analytical and numerical modeling, and coding; and lean process optimization.

Apply: To apply to this position email your resume to